Borra caves in vishakapatinam


Borra caves  lies in the coastal district of vishakapatinam, in the southern state of Andhra pradesh in India. Being the largest cave in india, this place has developed into a tourist spot.  Daily tourist buses ply from vishakaptinam to cater the tourists need.

The nearby areas are also beautiful particularly the arraku valley tourism circuit. A beautiful hill station and water falls en route, it makes a nice trip along with family.

Cave entrance view from inside the cave

You can size of the opening of the cave comparing with the trees visible outside. People look like ants in the background and it is really pitch dark inside the cave, during broad day light, right near the entrance of the cave.

rock formations
Another opening in the cavern. Sure cannot escape through this one in times of flood. 
An overcrowded  cave(holiday) . Another view to picturise the magnitude of the cave.
some snaps. 


Another picture showing the Magnitude of the cave

Lessons from my trip / Tips for your trip

  1. Always carry wide angle lens and tripod with you. Do not leave it in your parked vehicle.
  2. Using flash light empties your camera battery faster than expected. Bring extra lighting arrangement to cater the needs.(Extra batteries are not helpful sometimes)
  3. Do not visit on a holiday.


Meet you in another cave.






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