My fall at a hill top while cycling at malaysia


India is locked down for next 21 days as a preventive measure to safeguard millions from corona infection. A great and bold move welcomed by all. Now this is time to think and reflect and write as many posts while sitting at home and pondering over good and not so good events that have taken place in my life. You cannot do all mistakes by yourself , hence got to learn from others mistakes and become wiser.

We rode to a small hill (Genting sempah) near kuala lampur, malaysia. The climb was not so steep but gradual for a distance of 20 kilometres. The route was visual delight to eyes and also a treat for cyclists. Covered with trees on both sides,A warning had been given by the organiser about rash drivers who can surprise us anywhere, in any of the numerous bends. Since it was a chinese new year day, there were no rash drivers.

Each of us were moving at our own pace. at around 10 km, i had a flat tyre. We could not fix it because not having correct spanner for replacing tube or for removing the firmly struck iron pin on the tyre. I was so unhappy to give up. We have to fix the car rack and put my cycle in it. My friend who came that way gave his cycle for me to climb up. I was feeling extremely happy and pushed fast to join the riders who went earlier. Soon i joined them at genting highlands and lots of photos taken.

I lost my patience here. I was in a mood to cycle further. So i left the group and joined the one other rider who also wants to move further. Together we started. The road was splitting into two and joining again after a steep climb. Now there are two options, to make the steep climb or skip the climb and come thru the other way. We skipped the steep climb and took the smaller one. Since we are new to the country and relying on google maps, i had to take out my phone in one hand and watch out for directions. Suddenly there was a descent ahead and my bike was speeding. A car was being towed away slowed down in front of me. I applied brakes in one hand. Since i had my phone in the other hand , could’n’t have proper balance. I did not fall all of a sudden. The fall was gradual and sliding down the inclined plane. The rear wheel got bent. I could manage to save my phone. I had bruises in my palms and leg knees. There was a cut in right hand near the wrists due to the watch metal strap and my smart watch was completely damaged.

The one mistake on my part was to use the phone while riding. I successfully corrected my mistake and am not using my phone while riding now-a-days. Because of this one mistake what i lost is many. I could not join the next day ride and it was not my cycle i was riding but my friends. He could not join the ride next day. I damaged my precious apple watch.

The positive thing during the fall was that i did’n’t got panicked. Hence the damage was minimal. Even though i had phone in one hand i.e. right hand, i managed to bring the cycle to a halt with left hand while gradually sliding and falling downhill. I did not hit the vehicle which slowed down in front of me. We had a clear gap of 10 feet between us and that means i have successfully managed downward collision.

The year 2020 has brought me great joy and happiness. That’s why i am also writing about small incidents where i can learn, correct myself and move forward and in the process pass on the message to others.

The world is not going to end because of any virus. Stay strong. Stay at home. Stay isolated. See you in the next post. Cheers.

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