How lockdown is changing me?


e-books to audio-books

In the beginning of the year, I had decided to throw away with physical books and go with e-books. I did throw away most of physical books. E-books are difficult to read for long time. The job of transferring the books from PC to ipad is annoying ever since my macbook air broke. Then I also wanted to reduce the screen time from digital gadgets. So thought of using audio books. I has been a week and I am nearing completion of my listening to second book. Though many books are not available in audio form, still I feel it is a good beginning.

Tracking food and nutrition

The biggest change in the lockdown period is I have not gained any weight and I am not starving also. I have started tracking my food and nutrition and built it as a habit. Each time I eat my mind raced to log it and I find it very useful. The insight gained i.e., low consumption of protein is to be addressed.


Everyday morning I would go to the beach and watch sunrise with my friends. Nothing can substitute that. However we still have to keep our body fit. Initially everyone tried doing exercises and workuts and finally decided to do in group video chat/meeting apps. Checked the cost of indoor cycling trainer and found it pricey but still worthy. May be I will get one soon.

Running inside home

Can’t run on the roads due to the present situation, many of the people started doing ultra running inside home. Inspired by these people, I too started running inside the four walls. Could have got a treadmill. Planning to invest in one after the lockdown is over.

Virtual events

Started participating in more virtual events. 5k global distance challenge, The latest one being 10k run inside home on mother’s day. And many more coming.

Time and mindfulness

Now I feel like I have all the time in the world for me and I am fighting to reduce the digital screen time. Have started practising yoga and feeling better.

Finding solutions

Stuck with a problem of importing and exporting data to apple health app for quiet a few months. Found solutions during this lockdown time. Thanks to the relaxed mind.

The lockdown has brought enormous change in me. Staying inside has given me the me-time. I am trying out new things more than before. It is turning out to be better for me.

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