When the going gets tough, the tough gets going


Covid-19 has changed the world and so running and cycling races across the globe are taking place virtually. The hellrace which was supposed to be conducted in june has been converted to a virtual race. Since i cant even dream to qualify for the original race, i registered for the virtual race knowing fully well that even the completion criteria for the virtual race itself is a tough one. To run 480 kilometres in one month may be easy for the ultra runners but for me it is a challenging task. Nevertheless i am mentally prepared to do it.

I didn’t even start in the first two days of june, leaving me with 28 days for 480 kilometres. In the first eek of one i could run only 67 kms in less than 10 hours. Mustering some courage i managed to run 100 kms in the second week in 13 hours 17 minutes to be precise. I wasted two days again in the second week also. May be the both body and mind is not used to this much running.

So now i am left with 313 kms in two weeks and 2 days. If i have to complete this challenge, this week is crucial. I managed to run 154 kms in close to 20 hours of running. That is close to three hours of running everyday of the week. That is running a half marathon every day of the week. Feels good right. Fears of over-training also creeped in my mind. At the end of the third week i am supposed to complete the balance 159 kms in the next 9 days, which is less than what i have done in the third week. So my hopes are high to achieve as also the stats.

You get habituated to anything you do for 21 days. Now my mind and body are habituated. I did not take rest day and continued my running. In the fourth week i completed 126 kms and in the final two days i completed 44 kms totalling to 490 kms in a single month, My best ever.

What seemed an uphill task at the beginning of the month is accomplished. I am happy to run 490 kms in a single month. I completed this task today and Today is my birthday.

Challenges faced

  1. Quarantine forced me to stay at home. Yes i ran 490 kms within the four walls of my small home.
  2. Your GPS will not work accurately for running inside home. You are totally dependent on the accellero-meter in your smart watch.
  3. You have to run at optimum speed, in order to not hit the walls, sofa chair etc., Space constraint is a bigger menace.
  4. Running for long hours alone inside home and that too not at your maximum speed brings boredom and mental games will start it tricks within your mind.

Look up to people who are doing similar challenges to get motivation. Read tons of stories of accomplishments, watch videos , listen to podcasts, and connect thru social media. You become the person with whom you spend the most time. In unprecedented times likes these keep yourself active and healthy.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

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    Happy birthday and congratulations on reaching your goal!

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