The magical weapon in my arsenal


Most people exist in the world. Some people live a life. Some among them a better life. Some among them to the fullest. Very few among them live many lives within the one life given to them. There is a magic tool which can take you to many places without any passport and visa and facilitate to live many lives within the one life given to you. No boundary can stop this magic. You can travel to the past or future too. You can live in another country without moving an inch. Even you can go to other planets, galaxy, universes. You can fly in the skies or roam in the mountains with this magic weapon. Once utilised there is no way to retract and never you will regret. It is good to get addicted to using this weapon. It has been used by greatest of men of all times in the past and so will be in future. Everybody carries this magic with them be it a student or scholar. Many use it and reap the benefits. There are millions kinds of this magic weapon created perfectly by various creators. You can become a creator too. But still need to borrow from others. Nobody has used all the weapons available as on date. Unlike other weapons it is free to use anywhere. It is light in weight in most cases. Comes in various colors and sizes for different age groups. Whatever may be your interest , you got your choice and model. Repeated usage of this weapons, improves your skills like creativity, imagination, visualization, abstract thinking etc., and also keeps you happy, alive, vivid and passionate.

When everything has been thrown out by digital technology, this weapon is still thriving. New forms of this weapon has come in the digital world and so the old model is slowly being replaced but at a very slow pace. Some people like the smell of this magic weapon as they use it. So they still stick to the old model. New digital models cannot offer you the smell and feel of touch and the comfort to drop it, mishandle it.

If you are still not able to recognise the magical tool, then you are surely not a bibliophile. I was talking about books. Lockdown has increased the reading habit among people. E-books and audio books are the most created and sold content during the lockdown.

Happy reading.

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