My year in health


Gained a lot of weight this year during the lockdown period. 8 kg gain in 2021.

My body water content dropped from 56% in the beginning of the year to 51% at the end.

My body protein content dropped from 21.5% in the beginning of the year to 19.5% towards the end.

My fat content increased from 18% to 26% in a single year

Visceral fat also increased several points in 2021 after good drop initially.

Not much variation in muscle mass except in the beginning.

BMI is high.

Basal metabolism rate also increased significantly.

The graphs clearly show i am not in good shape. Though i was able to make lot of significant achievements in sports this year, my health has degraded a lot. Tracked my weight, protein, fat, water content, muscle mass using MI body composition scale. These are significant insights of degrading health but pretty useful data to make a comeback in 2022.

Though i have pedalled close to 20000 km in my bicycle in 2021, due to eating habits and sedentary working habits, i am facing the consequences. Though medical check up also indicated i am fine as of now, it is a warning for myself to change my habits. Thanks to quantified self habits. This will push me more into tracking and learn more about me and help me make a better version of myself.

Enduring endless disappointments


Less than 24 hours after I posted about my bicycling tour of karnataka, got the news that the event got postponed due to curfew restrictions at night due to the rise of new covid variant omicron and also a preventive measure to avoid people gathering in large numbers for new year celebrations. Sure all of us were dissappointed at first, but the organisers are trying to conduct the event before the month end. The event got cancelled for the last two years and this year both the organisers and the participants want it to happen.

Some of the participants were upset, others sent message consoling the organisers for the effort and planning they have put in prior to the event. I do sympathise and admire the organisers for their great effort in trying to conduct despite so many hurdles.

I am consoling myself to endure these endless disappointments. What better way than to write and share.

Bicycle touring in karnataka


After living in lockdown for two years, finally when things opened up, omicron is creating lockdown situation again. Before omicron rise, i am hitting a tour of karnataka in my bicycle. I Will be riding through the many cities , through reserved forests, rain forests, pilgrim places, temple towns, hills, coastal towns, tricky descends down the hill, and also steep climbs up the hills.

Bangalore – Kunigal – Channarayapatna – Arsikere – Birur – Lingdahalli – Kaimara – Mullyangiri – Baba
Buddana Giri – Kaimara – Chikmangaluru – Aldur – Balehonnur – Sringere – Agumbe – Udupi – Karkala –
Mudbidri – Bantwal – Belthangady – Charmadi Ghat – Kottigehara – Mudigere – Hanbal – Anemahal –
Hettur – Vanagoor – Koothi – Somwarpet – Madapur – Madikere – Chetalli – Dubare – Kushalnagar –
Hunsur – Bilikere – Holenarsipura – Hassan – Channarayapatna – Kunigal – Nelamangala – Bangalore

The total distance will be around 1200 kilometres. I have been to most of these places by car, bus and train and never by cycling. 2021 presented me with one oppurtunity and 2022 another. The ride is going to commence on the new year day of 2022. With only three days to go, i am busy preparing for the ride. Hope i will return with many stories and hopefully will post them here.

I am really super excited for this trip. It was a long awaited one. And i have so much to write. See you all after the trip.



There is an event jointly arranged by WCCG and Team Bison in chennai, India. Event name JUST EAT ENDURANCE.

It will be for 1.5 hours. It includes panel discussion with PBP finishers followed by a first aid demo by a physician.

Breakfast will be provided. Registration fee is 99 Rs. Proceeds will go to help differently abled people thru’ NGO called We Are Your Voice.

There are 230 registrations already. Hoping to meet fellow endurance riders and seasoned legends. I guess it will be very helpful for the next week 1200 km premiere cycling event at bangalore (GOH-2022).

Warning: Once you get addicted to endurance races, it consumes both your time and money. But you get to meet lot of awesome people and travel to unknown and inaccessible places. The choice is yours. and also the balancing act between spending time with your loved ones vs training.

As of now excited to meet many legends tomorrow.

2021 recap and 2022 vision

This is me

Starting to write after along break, sudden rush of words, that so much things to share, but in which order or priority. Last two years have been challenging times for everyone around the world. Facing unprecedented or what we think unprecedented challenges in the form of covid-19. Despite these challenges made some personal achievements. Completed my second and third super randonneur series. Completed an LRM ride. Investments are doing fairly well in share market. Overall Health is better and fintness level also in good condition.

Nagalapuram hike with cycling friends

What i want to do next year

  1. Participate in more LRM events
  2. Participate in trail running events
  3. Cycling touring
  4. Read more books than i did this year
  5. Eat healthy food like this year
  6. Indulge in new self experiments and also continue ongoing experiments
  7. Publish more content in my blog/website
  8. Learn more about share markets
  9. Become more organised than i am today
  10. Indulge in creative pursuits

Satisfaction can kill you sometimes. More about it later.