Exactly one month back I fell down from my cycle and broken my collar bone after riding  1200 km . Falling at 300 km short of the end point, it was painful to quit at that point, especially your riding partner has to quit along with you, with so many dreams crashed. It was a moment of pain, suffering and agony. After seven months of hard work, an accident made you quit. There is no way I can ride the 300 km after the fracture. It took hours to accept that I can’t, though I realised it immiediately.  This time gap between realisation and acceptance is very painful period.

Though initially no dislocation was observed in the first xray film, a month later showed contradictory. I had to undergo a quick surgery. A plate has been fixed inside my shoulder and I am under recovery mode now. Doctor has advised for two months rest followed by physio theraphy later. I cannot use my right hand for next two months. With lot of stories to write post my 25 day London trip, I couldn’t sit quite. So decided to type using left hand and tell my stories that happened in august in London.

With a positive mindset, I am able to manage a lot and with support from friends and family, feeling more confident to get back in the game, but without rushing soon. In the next two months I will be reading lot of books, write more blog posts, and time to do and plan for things which I neglected, ignored, forgot, avoided, feared. Its time to explore myself.

My apple watch broke two years ago during a cycle ride and recently my MI smart band also broke. So got myself a new MI6 smart band. Apple and garmin are on cards for next year, when i take my run more seriously, now that i cannot run my 100 km runs registered for october and november. But i am super confident of bouncing back.

I binge watched the korean series ‘I am not a robot’ just days before my surgery to avoid any anxiety. Now that i am getting used to wearing arm sling all the time and typing this post in left hand.

C u all in next posts.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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