I was cleaning and organising my room today with left hand only. Suddenly my mind travelled back to 2008 and i checked my photos of my room in 2008. I stayed away from my parents for the first time in 2008. It was in KPCL quarters at raichur. When i joined office, i was told there was a vacancy in quarters where no one wanted to occupy. Someone has committed suicide and people imagined the house to be a haunted one like they show in movies. The house was very close to main road, very near to our office mess, and close to a football stadium, helipad and swimming pool. Despite its strategic location, out of fear no one occupied it. When i was offered the quarters , i readily moved in. What a wise decision it was. I was too minimalist at that time, which i regretted later. I should have bought basic things and lived better. Now in 2022 i miss that big house which was spacious. It is not that i have too much stuff, i am living the best of my life now. Spending time the way i want to and Doing things i love too. Back in 2008 i had a big house for myself with a hefty salary, which i did not spend wisely.

Wall poster in my room in 2008.

Everyday morning i will wake up to this poster and think positive. It sure kept my day positive.

I wake up to see this every day in 2008

I did not even buy a bed with my hefty package. Slept on a mat without a cot. This went on for two years till 2010, when i became little wiser.

Books i wanted to read

Due to mismanagement of time, i couldnt finish reading half of the books. Most of them got damaged when flood waters entered my home in 2017. Now i use kindle. Some of these books cannot be read in kindle and i want to buy again.


Back to 2022, I am determined to organise my room better than it is now. Getting used to commonly use left hand, dreaming of becoming ambidextrous. That’s how you have to see the current scenario.


By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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