Having completed an SR series in august 2021, wanted to taste ultra randonneuring experience. Registered for the event 45 days prior with bangalore randonneurs(BR). So had 45 days in hand for planning and practicing. Two zoom sessions were organised by BR in which an idea about the route, things to carry etc., were briefed by experienced randonneurs. We were also provided with food information, like shop names at particular km. So we know in advance where food will be available and where there is likely not available so that we can stock up.

S NODescriptionHandle bar bagFront top bagSaddle bagAttached to cycleDrop bag
1Jersey    2
2Padded shorts1   2
3Rain coat1    
4Bandana1   2 nos
5Gloves1   2 sets
6Socks1   2 sets
7Power bank1    
9T shirt1    
10Phone 1   
11Puncture kit 1 set   
12Multi tool kit 1   
13Dry lube 1   
14Charging cables- phone and bike computer 1 each   
15Spare batteries  1 set each   
16Wet lube  1  
17Chain tool  1  
18Spoke tool  1  
19Spare tubes  2  
20Bottom bracket  1  
21Spare tyre (Ralson 700 x 25 C)   11
22Portable air pump   1 
23Water bottle   2 
24Front light   1 
25Rear light   1 
26Protein bars 2 nos 3 nos10 nos
27Electral 5   5

Since the event was in bangalore, we have to transport our cycles. Neither of us owned a car. So we decided to use a cycle carry bag and go in train. We have to dismantle both the wheels and put the rest of the cycle as it is inside the bag. We had to take an auto from home to central station and then put the bags below the seat. We had to book second AC in train for this reason. The third AC and sleeper classes cannot accommodate two cycles plus luggage and it will be difficult for other passengers. And also we cannot keep the cycles at different seats since we have to keep an eye on it or otherwise Somebody put the leg on the shifters or luggage on the spokes or derailleur it will become a disaster. After reaching bangalore, Carrying the cycles and luggage was very difficult. Porters also charge very heftily seeing the oversized dimension. It is better to put cycles in luggage compartment or otherwise by car.

We reached one day prior and had sufficient time to assemble the cycles and fit with all accessories in respective bags. We handed over the drop bags and AIR waiver form to the organisers and also met couple of people who are also participating with us in the ride.


We have to be careful in choosing accommodation. Should be close to the start point. Should be flexible with 1 or 2 hours delayed checkout. Most of the hotels have check out time at 12:00 pm, However the ride may start at evening 4:00 PM. We have to inform the staff well in advance that we will be checking out late and not to make any calls on the day of the ride. Do sleep as much as possible during the day before start of ride.

The ride is for more than 3 days and immiediately after returning( either completing or quitting) we would like to sleep at the earliest. Our luggage should be at the place where we would like to return, since we may be too tired or even hallucinating. Some hotels may not have luggage storing facility and we should consider this before booking.

Note of Caution: It is better to finish late than to quit at LRMs since transportation from the place of quitting to start point may not be easy most of the times.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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