Gates of Heaven 2022


Gates of Heaven is a signature event organised by Bangalore Randonneurs. Prequalification is completion of an LRM after 2019. Having completed the chalukyas-1200 KM enabled me to register.


After every ride more than 600 km, I find some numbness In my little finger. So got a hand gripper and used it for the last 45 days to strengthen my fingers for applying brakes during the large descents.

Practised hill climbs at jawadhu, kolli and Pallavaram hills.

Change of Dates

The ride was scheduled on the evening of new year day. Everyone was hopeful the event will take place but last minute lockdown imposition postponed the event to unknown dates. The event will take place as soon as the lockdown is lifted. This is the one thing we all know. Lockdown was lifted on the end of January and the event date was scheduled on 14th February.

Opening of Gates of Heaven

The event started with a grand celebration at gayathri vihar palace grounds with traditional dance and music.

Major Cities, Towns, Villages on the Route we covered in our bicycle in this one single event in 122 hours.

Bangalore – Kunigal – Channarayapatna – Arsikere – Birur – Lingdahalli – Kaimara – Mullyangiri – Baba BuddanGiri – Kaimara – Chikmangaluru – Aldur – Balehonnur – Sringere – Agumbe – Udupi – Karkala – Mudbidri – Bantwal – Belthangady – Charmadi Ghat – Kottigehara – Mudigere – Hanbal – Anemahal – Hettur – Vanagoor – Koothi – Somwarpet – Madapur – Madikere – Chetalli – Dubare – Kushalnagar – Hunsur – Bilikere – Holenarsipura – Hassan – Channarayapatna – Kunigal – Nelamangala – Bangalore

Gayathri vihar,Bangalore to Hotel Mayura, bellur cross( 107 km)

Bangalore is the silicon capital of india. The city was built by Kempegowda in 16th century. The city is also known as Garden city of india and now Brewery capital of india. Started the ride at 4:00 PM after listening to the drum beats, we covered the 107 km in sub 4 hours despite the Bengaluru traffic.  However a 45 minute break at the CP for restroom and dinner ate up our time. As everyone had already done a LRM as a pre-qualifier, no single rider lagged behind. Some didn’t even wait for dinner. They just got their brevet cards stamped and sped away. We also started as best as we can and continued the ride after eating a full meal.

Hotel Mayura to Yogesh Farm (115 km)

The next CP is Yogesh farm, where a volunteer had provided space at his home. After 145 km the roads were very dark and no shops were there. At 150th km we have to take a deviation from bangalore highway ans pass through arsikere. Sri channakeshava temple is restored in the recent years. The two distinct features of this temple are the temple compound wall and the khalasa on the temple shikara. The khalasa is the largest in the state of Karnataka. The temple is a perfect example of hoysala architecture, though smaller in size when compared to other hoysala temples. An interesting feature is its navranga ceiling wherein, its central portion is carved in conch shape. Since we were going at night we could not see anything and missed all this beauty.

 Occasionally when we find some shops we had some tea and snacks. We started feeling sleepy and slowed down. However we kept moving. It took 5.5 hours to ride the 115 km including breaks. A volunteer was waiting to help us locate the CP as the house is situated some 400m interior. After having sambar rice and banana, decided to have a short power nap. Naazia used this time for going to rest room and applying chamois cream. As soon as her job is over, she woke me up and then we proceeded to the next CP.

Yogesh farm to sitalaya temple (86 km)

Mullayangiri  is the highest peak in Karnataka, located in the Chandra Dhrona hill ranges of the western ghats, Chikmangalur. At a height of 1925 metres, at the summit there is a temple. Seethalayyanagari is a prominent peak which is adjacent to mullayangiri. Mullayangiri peak got its name from a small temple (gadduge/tomb) dedicated to a sage ‘Mulappa swamy’ who is believed to have meditated at the caves only a couple of feet below the summit. The caves are accessible and not very deep, they have a direct entrance to the garbagudi of the temple, which is now blocked by the temple priests. Apart from multiple versions of folklore and strong siddha culture around the belt, the origins or any information about the deity remains ambiguous.[Source – Wikipedia]

We had the best coffee at early morning 5:00 AM and surprised by the price. They charged only 5 Rs for the coffee. The climb was gradual and continuous. It was pitch dark towards lingadahalli. We took selfies at Lingadahalli police sation and then proceeded towards kaimara. Reached kaimara at 8:00 AM in the morning. I had dosa for breakfast and Naazia did not have anything as she said she could not eat. This is going to cost us a lot which we do not know at that point of time. Now We have to climb Mullayangiri hill and take selfie at the top and then descend two kms to reach the next CP. The 14 km climb was tiring particularly the last two kms were too steep. Finally after climbing to the top and taking selfie, The descend was like a whiz. We reached sitalaya temple at around 10:30 AM in the morning. Having completed 308 km in 18.5 hours which included a hill climb. Mohan sir gave us rice box and I ate it like I have never seen food.

Sitalaya temple to javed house (53 km)– Baba budangiri hill climb

The Baba Budangiri shrine is named after the sufi saint Baba budan, who is revered by both muslims and hindus. Its origin appears to be a syncretization of reverence for an 11th century sufi, Dada Hayath. It is said sufi baba budan brought coffee to india at this place and Dattatreya (incarnation of hindu god shiva) is also worshipped here. [Source – Wikipedia]

After 6 km descend we have to climb another hill. This was second hill for the day and it had some rolling terrains too. Monish sir was waiting enroute and encouraged us and also provided with soft drinks. We reached Babu budangiri hill top by around 2:00 PM. After riding in the scorching sun, finally there was cold breeze at the top. We had noodles and bhel for snacks and then resumed our ride. By the time we descended and reached kaimara it was 3:30 PM. We skipped our lunch and that was another mistake.

Javed house to Hotel seetanadhi(129 km)

We reached Javed house by 4:00 in the evening covering 361 km in 24 hours. It took two hours to start from there which was another costly mistake. The first 20 km was in town traffic after which roads were butter smooth.

Chikkamagaluru is a peaceful, beautiful town with hills, valleys, streams and coffee plantations. It is believed that chikkamagaluru was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada, the chief of Sakrepatna kingdom. Chikkamagaluru has taken its name from Chikka(small in kannada) , Magal(daughter in kannada) uru(village in kannada) literally meaning “Younger daughters village”. Karnataka’s coffee industry is in chikkamagaluru and that makes it even more special.

 It was very dark through kollur, but very good curves , rolling terrain and butter smooth roads and the occasional vehicle movement, made the ride quite enjoyable. Had dinner enroute at 8:30 PM. One other person Mr Vikram joined us.

Sringeri town is the site of the first matha (Dakshinamnaya Sringeri sharada peetham) established by Adi Shankara, Hindu theologian and exponent of the Advaitha Vedanta philosophy, in the 8th century CE.located on the banks of the river tunga. The name Sringeri is derived from Rishyashringa-giri, anearby hill that is believed to have contained the hermitage of rishi Vibhandaka and his son Rishyashringa, who brought rains to the drought stricken kingdom of Romapada. [Source – Wikipedia]

We reached Sringeri and had coffee at a road side shop and discussing about the BRM route. By pure luck the shop guy told us we were in the wrong route. We rechecked our maps and went towards the correct route leading to Agumbe.

Agumbe is a world famous sunset point. We are now riding in the night, so no scope to see sun but moon. I have been to agumbe in 2012 along with my friend in bike trip. I still remember how steep and curvy the roads were. All three of us were giving our best to reach CP on time. There were some dog chases when we reached agumbe town. After completing the agumbe descends, we finally reached Hotel Seetanadhi.

Hotel seetanadhi to hotel kateel international(79 km)

We were late in reaching hotel seetanadhi. The hotel was closed and volunteers have already left the place. Some of them were sleeping in the front area of the hotel entrance outside the gate. We decided to continue without sleeping and I was on full throttle. We went through karkalla and reached white lotus hotel at Udupi by 6:30 am in the morning. There were some refreshments arranged by BR. We grabbed coffee and bananas and resumed by 7:00 am. The next control point was at 569th Km and we were at 529th Km. We need to cover another 40 km. The roads were highly rolling and I ran out of energy. I slowed down often during climbs which is not the usual case. Naazia was riding very well in this stretch. I needed fuel without which I will slow down. We managed to reach around 9:45 am at Kateel international. After having breakfast I was fully refuelled. We also took bath and tried to have power nap in the grass outside.

I stayed and worked in mangalore for 3 years and all memories came flooding. I have been to all the nearby places by car. This is the first time I am exploring the mangalore and its surroundings by bicycle. And also since it’s a familiar territory, I was a little excited. See my mangalore memories here.

Karkala to Hotel Samraat, Anemahal – charmadi ghat climb

We started at odd time around 11:30 am and could not find a good place for meal till 3:00 pm. We stopped at a sandwich shop and had enough sandwiches and also carried parcel.  We were at the bottom of the charmadi ghat climb and saw someone riding at the opposite side. He was quitting the ride and warned us to carry enough water before the climb. Soon we located a shop, had coffee, nannari sarbath , filled our water bottles and got ready mentally and physically to make the climb.

We started climbing the ghat section around 6:00 pm in evening and rode in heavy downward traffic till 8:00 pm. After that the roads were for us. It was a strenuous ride and our water bottles were empty. Luckily we found a water falls on the way to quench our thirst. We reached around 10:30 pm in the night. The organisers have earlier informed us that hotels will be available till 12:00 pm after which nothing will be available. We had fried rice and by the time body had cooled down a lot due to altitude and temperature. By now we were shivering. The visibility was also nil. We were also feeling too sleepy. It was a 23 km climb and body demanded rest. We were at 688th Km after an elapsed time of 54 hours. We need to complete another 512 km in 36 hours.

The next 300 km is going to be difficult and the last 212 km will be on the bangalore highway where we can makeup the lost time. Having come to conclusion after a brief discussion, We decided to halt there for a couple of hours sleep and then catch up during day time.

After a 4 hour good sleep, woke up and got ready to go. Neer dosa is very famous there. Had neer dosa at 5:00 am in the morning and proceeded within the dense mist covering the road. The roads became visible only after 6:30 am. It was beautiful scenery all around , pleasant hill views, gardens and coffee plantations and occasional little dog chases.

Hotel Samraat to Hotel sulokha, kushalnagar – Hotel Samudra

Reached Hotel samraat at Anemahal around 9:00. Mangalore bun is the specality and we each had one. Soon Fat bike anand sir reached and we had a discussion with Mr TK Prashant regarding the finishing of ride. He said it is going to take 48 hours from where you are to finish the ride. We were at 737th km. 470 kms to go and we only had 30 hours to go. In the last 12 hours we covered only 50 km and in the last 24 hours we had done only 167 km. This is where things started getting delayed.

Another 95 kms to the selfie point, we kept on riding. Imran tahir from Hyderabad helped us with coconut water. WE took a power nap in a cement storage area. The climbs were very steep and roads not so good. Before a steep climb one man asked do we need water and filled it up in his home. Some passers by saw us and enquired and even provided with snacks. Also had to fix a puncture for Naazia when the momentum picked up. It took 8 hours for us to finish this 95 km stretch.

After reaching Hotel Samudra, took a room and rested there for five hours. We bathed and felt refreshed and then had dinner and also takeaway food kept ready before going to sleep. After sleeping for 4 hours , resumed our journey at midnight 1:00 am. We owned the roads. There was literally no one till we reached Abhyathamangala Post office. We took selfie there and knew we are going to late finish. We only had 7 hours duration left but 368 kms to complete.

Hotel sulokha to Infinity café, Hassan – CCD billekere

We reached Hotel Sulokha at early morning 5:00 am and opened our takeaway food and devoured it. Again we stopped at a tea shop and had two teas each of us. We were close to 900th km. I guessed we will be late by atleast 18 to 20 hours by the way we were progressing. It took much longer than that.

The unexpected help

At 1000th km Naazia was literally lying in the road and asking for food. She was not ready to move an inch. Seeing a girl crying, few people gathered around us. They could not understand our situation. They were telling 20 km away there is hotel, but Naazia was too tired to even move. I got some biscuits and juices and she just could not stop crying. I asked her if she wanted to quit andeven in that situation she said no. One village man asked what was our problem and we said we are having money and no food to eat. He asked us to put our cycle there itself and took us to his home. Initially we hesistated to leave our cycles and go, but the villagers told they will ensure nobody will touch them and it will be safe there. The man told I have two daughters at home, so no need to worry about safety. After reaching their home we were taken inside and treated like guests. His wife prepared lemon rice for us and we took picture with them and thanked them from the bottom of heart and resumed our ride. So many strangers helped us that day.

Infinity café to CCD yediyur

Reached infinity café at 10:00 pm in the night. Already late by 12 hours. The café was closed. Took selfie at the café and resumed. By 1:00 am Naazia was feeling dizzy again and we had to halt for the night at Bluebird hotel. I wasn’t tired but didn’t want to leave her and go as no one is riding behind us.

We halted for the night and resumed in the morning and had idly dosa for breakfast and resumed our rides. Everyone was already following with us. At 11:00 am Naazia needed one more halt. Had to rent a room and she slept for two hours. I couldn’t sleep as I was not feeling tired. Meanwhile I got some tablets for fever, Had lunch at the hotel and resumed our ride. It was running into fifth day.

CCD yediyur to finish point

Took selfie at CCD yediyur and kept riding towards nelamangla. At about 6 km before the finish point, Naazia went into a petrol bunk with make up kit and returned with fresh face, meanwhile I was looking after the cycles and looked tired. We then proceeded to Gayathri vihar and many of them from  bangalore randonneurs and Bangalore Cycling Network were present to welcome us. We had snacks with them and chatted for a while. They also dropped us at our hotel and we had dinner again and dozed off. It took 122 hours for us to finish the prestigious ride. Two more riders were also riding and they were behind us. They too successfully late finished the ride.

Link to my activity – GOH 2022

This ride has taught me lot of things and that will be in a separate post.

Have a good day

The fifteen-puncture ride – My second Super Randonneur  title 


Our friends from WCCG madipakkam chapter came for send-off. On Friday evening we started the ride from JBC-velachery. The route was through our familiar medavakkam-mambakkam route. Srihari and I started with good speed and progressing well. WE were aiming to reach Chengalpattu using the day light, otherwise becomes dark. Reached the first check point ICICI bank ATM at Chengalpattu in 2 hours. It was 6:30 pm by then. We rode till 7:00 PM and had a juice break and ended up with badam milk. Again, started and continued till 7:50 PM and took a break ending with nannari  sarbath. Till then everything was going fine. We have covered almost 80 kms 3 hours’ time. 

Testing time begins- Puncture no 1 

At 8:35 PM had the first puncture in the front tube. Immediately replaced the tube and commenced our ride. Posted in whatsapp group and had funny comments. We were enjoying the comments without knowing about the future. 

Puncture for my co-rider: Within next 20 minutes my co-rider srihari’s tyre hit flat. We fixed the puncture but could not remove a small metal particle from the tyre as it was in the same colour as the tyre. We could feel it but could not even estimate the size and location. After much trying the metal particle was not there. We do not know if it still was there in the tyre. Since this puncture was not for me, I am not including in the count. 

Puncture no 2 

By 10:15 PM we have reached 120 kms with one puncture in the bag for each of us. We had our dinner. Chappatis and dosai and omlettes. At 146 kms, the next puncture happened. It was Day-2 00:00 hrs. Still, we were mentally strong. Srihari was having fun taking pictures and posting in group. We were getting advice from our friends in whatsapp group – check for liner misalignment, small nails etc in tyre. The tube which I replaced earlier was a used one with one puncture already fixed. It gave up on the same place where there was a patch. Now that the puncture cannot be fixed, and the tube cannot be used through the ride. I did not throw away the tube, hoping it can be fixed during daytime. 

Puncture no 3 to 7 (from 146 km to 200 km) 

We reached 173 kms at around 1:40 PM. After fourth puncture I asked my corider to proceed and wait at CP-2. He was hesitant. Finally persuaded him to go to CP-2. if having punctures at every 20 minutes was tough, now I am riding alone, and it took two hours for me to reach the next 5 kilometres. Yes, had four punctures in 5 kms. I could not fix the 5th, 6th and 7th puncture without water. Filled in air every half-a-kilometre and reached CP-2. It sounds easy to tell. Doing it at midnight without light and nobody around, it looked daunting. By the time I reached CP-2 my partner was shivering in cold. I have already consumed all four tubes which I brought as spares. Now onwards I must fix the puncture too as there is no replacement tube available, which is going to be even more time consuming and challenging. One good Samaritan Mr Dhananjeyan offered me spare tube, but I politely refused now and got it from him at 220 kms. 

If fixing the puncture was burning, not able to find the reason for the punctures was adding fuel to the fire. Everyone including me believed there is some fault which was unidentified. 

Events at CP-2 

Now I persuaded Srihari to proceed alone. After reaching the check point, got water from petrol bunk to fix puncture. Two of the tubes are showing no signs of puncture. One of the tubes holds air tightly and the other one drops pressure, but the location could not be found despite trying multiple times. Assuming it should be valve failure I stopped attempting further. Ithu ennada sothanai. For one more tube I fixed puncture and for another tube could not fix puncture as it was giving up at a place where patch was done earlier. Before leaving CP-2 I now have one spare tube. Innum ethanai puncture agumo theriyalaye. 

Puncture no 8 to 12(from 200 km to 225 km) 

By now replacing tubes and fixing puncture has become like a hobby. At 8th puncture I interchanged my front and rear tyres while replacing the tube. If really tyre is the issue, then the next puncture should be on the rear. I was hoping for a rear tyre flat. The 9th puncture was again in the front. Tyre must not be an issue. This time I fixed the puncture and interchanged both tyre and tubes. Time was running like wildfire, but I had to experiment to gain confidence. At least by eliminating the reasons one by one. It was too much risk to do such experiments when no one is left behind you in the event. I am already feeling sleepy and so didn’t carry out any experiments on 10th and 11th punctures. For puncture no 12, I borrowed a tube from Mr Dhananjeyan, after which there was none for next 8 hours. 

U-turn point 

Only bath and breakfast. No sleep. No rest. As simple as that to say. En kastam enakku than theriyum. 

Puncture no 13 

There was no puncture from 6:30 am to 3:15 pm on day 2. And then my rear tyre hit flat for the first time. It was easy to fix since the sun god was reflecting light for me. I also made ready one more spare tube by identifying the leakage point. Thanks to sun god. By now I have caught up with other riders and was going fine. 

Puncture no 14 

Before vandavasi turn after vikravandi, Arun came to meet me during the ride. Thanks Arun.

After successfully crossing  vandavasi  bad road stretch without puncture, exactly at around 3:00 am my front tyre hit flat gain. Replaced the spare tube and proceeded alone. No tea break, no water to drink, no rest, kept riding slow and steady after this. 

Puncture no 15 

While just 12 km away from reaching JBC, front tyre hit flat again. Borrowed a tube from Devson. Replaced it and reached JBC to complete my second 600 km ride. 

Thanks to people who came to receive me.


I came home and pumped air in the tubes. One tube is not showing any sign of puncture. Took it to a cycle shop and confirmed it. There was no puncture. Dot. Installed it in the front for experimenting and have ridden for 4 days (200 kms). Not even signs of pressure drop. It was the same tube which tortured me during the 600 BRM. Vidhi valiyathu. 

Thanks to organisers, madras randonneurs  for conducting this event. Thanks to corider’s . A big thanks to WCCG madipakkam chapter friends and Vinoth, arun and Vignesh, Karthik seenu for constantly following up with us. Thanks all for the motivation and support. 

mysterious kolli hills


As we learnt our lesson from our trip to jawadhu hills and obviously this time we planned for overnight stay before the ride to kolli hills.. This was also a rehearsal for our upcoming 300 BRM to kolli hills. This time we are seven members and we transported our cycles by train. We are to catch up Friday evening train and so we left our cycles packed in the luggage department.

We boarded the train in the evening and reached Namakkal railway station. There we unloaded the cycles and came to know that the booking office at the station has been permanently closed and we cannot load our cycles while return. With this information we went to the lodge and got ready for the days adventure.

It was drizzling in the morning and it rained while we commenced our ride. We rode 20 kms and reached the base of kolli hills. We had a great breakfast before the ride and each of us started at our own pace.

Kolli hills has got an imposing 70 hair pin bends. The overall average gradient is only 5.3%. After reaching half way the visibility became dimmer and dimmer.  I climbed the 70 hairpin bends in about an hour and half. We were taking pics till everyone reached and then we descended downwards.

We had lunch at the same place where we had our breakfast and proceeded towards salem. It was a daunting ride in hot sun. We reached around 6:00 pm in the evening and caught up the train.

We were of the view that kolli hills ride is easy as we had assumed that the highest point in the hill is at 70th hair pin bend which was not true and we learned the hard way in the Trichy 300 BRM.

Kolli hills 300 BRM

The BRM was organised by Trichy randonneurs(TR) and till date this was one of the best rides I have ever participated. The route map was provided and we were super confident as we had already made it to the kolli hills practice ride earlier.

We booked the train tickets and loaded our cycles in the luggage compartment and reached srirangam via a short ride from Trichy. We stayed at srirangam yatri nivas and the starting point also happened to be the same. We had dinner in the evening and had a good sleep.

Everyone was there at the start point by 5:30 am in the morning. More than 50 riders have assembled there and it was like a festive mood. The ride started sharp at 6:00 am in the morning and breakfast was Provided by TR at 55th km at the first CP. We had idly, vadai and Pongal with sambar and chutney. Then a quick start and we are at 100th km. Prashant sir was waiting there before the start of the climb. Everyone had juice and filled up their water bottles at the local shop near the arch.

The climb up hill

Aerial view of kolli hills

The climb

From the image you can see how many hairpin bends could be. A total of 70 hairpin bend in a stretch of 20km to reach the top. From my previous experience I know it is going to take an hour and half to reach the top. Naazia had started climbing alone and followed by Lakshman sir. I was riding at my own pace somehow it was not my best. My best came during the practice session last month. At 35th hairpin bend volunteers were providing with refreshments. Halted for a few minutes and ate a brownie prepared by pradeepa mam. During the practice climb weather was awesome but during the event, It was very sultry. The joy on seeing Prashant sir after reaching the top expessed everything. But the worst challenging part is yet to come which everyone is unaware.

The lunch spot surprise.

Prashant sir just showed a direction and asked us to have lunch there. It was one of the steepest climb. Little did we know that the place where we are having lunch is the highest point in kolli hills. Since there are no hotels available, lunch had been arranged in contract with a local caterer. By the time lunch arrived, six of us were at the spot. All of us were lamenting about the unnecessary climb which Prashant sir tricked us and made to climb. We had tamarind rice and potatoes for our lunch and filled up our water bottles and resumed the journey.

Another surprise

As everyone is of the assumption that the climb is over, little did we know that only fifty percent of the climb is completed. We misinterpreted the elevation graph. There were many descends and ascends enroute and had difficulty in navigation to. There is an elevation profile in the bike computer which should be used in conjunction with the map to identify which way to go instead of navigating physically and finding the route to be wrong. The next check point is at karavallikombai, Kolli hills Tribal Cooperative Society. We reached the CP on time and took selfies and resumed the ride.

We rode across Jack fruit plantations and the views were very scenic. We could not halt to take our pics as we were right on time. There was no dog chase and There were monkeys occasionally crossing the road and the chirping sound of birds. As we started to descend, there was a puncture at rear tyre. We replaced a tube and started our journey. By now Shreyas has left us and gomathi shankar sir was passing by.

We halted for a coffee break and naazia was insisting that my tyre pressure is low and I was ok with the tyre pressure. As I did not pay heed to her words, She requested gomathi shankar to fill air in my tube. While he was trying to increase the pressure, my tyre and tube got bursted. We had a terrific laughter therapy while replacing with a new tyre and tube. Within 10 kms I had to fix another puncture and everyone behind us overtook one by one. Once we fixed we reached the next CP, took selfie and located a place for dinner. We still had to complete another 92 km in 5.5 hours.

I started feeling sleepy and my pace was going down. Had many coffee breaks wherever possible and kept the momentum going as another puncture or any other mechanical failure will hamper our chances of completion severely. Now we have to pass through many villages and face numerous dog chases. We reached the finish point fifteen minutes before cut-off.

Lesson learnt from this ride

  1. The hot weather made the climb difficult, so one should not presume about the conditions.
  2. Elevation graph and gradient graph should be taken seriously and analysed properly.
  3. Must use the elevation graph in the bike computer during a hilly terrain.

The next day morning we were provided with a small momento and departed from srirangam to Chennai. Overall it was a great ride experience.

Most of us who practice the climb at kolli hills must not stop at 70th hairpin bend. We must ride till the highest point in kolli hill which has more steep climbs enroute.

See you in another ride.

A trip to Jawadhu hills


Jawadhu hills or jawadhu malai is situated in the Tiruvannamalai district of southern most state of india, Tamilnadu. awadhu hill is a nice weekend getaway from Chennai.  If you want to know more about the Jawadhu Hills. My first visit to jawadhu hills was during the ‘Greencruiser 400 BRM’ in Jan 2020 and my second visit was during ‘Jawadhu 400 BRM’ in the subsequent year January.

Many of us have already completed the SR series and wanted further practice at hills. Also after my first ultra randonneuring experience the feeling was to practice more hill rides. We chose to go to jawadhu as a weekend trip by car and return on the same day. Five cycles in a car , three in a rack and other two inside the back seat of Innova.

We gathered at padma’s house at 5:00 am in the morning, dismantled our cycles and put two of the cycles inside the backside of car along with the wheels of all five cycles. Then fixed the rack and loaded the three cycles and secured firmly. We had our first break near mamandur and then proceeded towards polur. We had our breakfast in a road side shop. Egg dosa and idly were gulped by us and then reached a friends house, known through Shiva Raju.

We unloaded the cycles and started the assembling the wheels and checked tyre pressures and then applied lubes to chain and gear. After assembly did a small test ride and gathered again. The area was full of paddy fields.

All five of us started riding from polur and reached the check  post after which we started climbing at our own pace. It was rising gradually and then once the hair pin bend sign boards are seen, the climb becomes steeper. For well practised legs it isn’t much steep. There were a total of five hairpin bends and at the end of the fifth hairpin bend a watch tower is available from where the panoramic views are stunning. I enjoyed the scene and forgot to take pic from the top. I realised it only after descending from watch tower.

Watch tower at Jawadhu hill

I reached there quickly in less than 45 minutes and descended till I saw padma and rode with him to the 5th hair pin bend. After taking some pics we rode again to the next person and climbed again. In this way all we repeated till all five of us were there at the top. We took some group pics and some local kids joined us too.

It was rainy season and the weather was also pleasant. We descended till check post and looked out for snacks in the nearest shop. And then took some pics befor leaving.

Then went to the friend’s house in polur, dismantled our wheels and put two cycle frames in the rear side along with ten wheels and then the remaining three frames in the rack. We then reached polur junction and lucky to have the meals. After the meals we proceeded via Uthiramerur route and then reached home by 10:00 pm in the night.

The journey time, dismantling and assembling the cycles at both onward and return took more time than the actual hill ride practice. So we decided that for the next hill ride practice sessions in the subsequent months will stay overnight.

See you in the next hill ride.