After watching ‘Avatar-2 way of water’ , my deeply buried wishes over time surfaced again. I liked the visual effects and in particular the portions that were shot under water. Only people who had dived and did take some underwater photos or videos can truly understand and appreciate the efforts. Watching this film has rekindled my interest in scuba diving and i intend to go this year.

I did my first ‘discover scuba diving’ at Netrani islands in karnataka in 2013. At that point of time i did not know swimming. However when i took my cousins for diving in pondicherry in 2017, i had learnt a bit of swimming. In 2015 i did my first free dive at kakaban islands. My work life took a toll and i left swimming altogether for quite a few years. Again after watching this movie, water is pulling me towards it.

I may have to start from scratch because of my current pedicament after my collar bone fracture. I am still in recovery phase. We can endure finite disappointments but never lose infinite hope, can we?

Three years ago, both my underwater cameras have been vandalised by some unknown men who entered my house when i was away on official trip. And then the coronavirus thing happened and all swimming pools have been closed. After the lockdown my focus was fully on cycling. And now the recover phase and the avatar movie combination is providing another oppurtunity to fulfill the long lost wishes.

Just before the pandemic, when i tried to swim in the pool water, i couldnt even properly swim. I took membership and lockdown was put up from the very next day. My dreams of triathlon participation, open water certification etc., crashed that day.

I have done river rafting at Madikeri, Dandeli and Bali. I missed river rafting experience at rishikesh due to lack of company.

Now in my recovery phase i can make a plan for these activities combined with cycling and before that have to improve in swimming. Thanks to Avatar movie for rekindling my interests in water bases activities.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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