Monthly review – February


What worked well for me this month?

Doing single leg stand for one minute in each leg everyday.

Started riding my MTB and also road bike

Birdwatching in pallikaranai eco park

Started running after a break of six months.

Writing to do list everyday of the month

Updating food habits and expenses everyday

Playing online chess everyday

WCCG Madipakkam chapter 2nd Anniversary celebration

Book reading:

No new books read this month.

Movies watched

  1. Raangi
  2. 18 pages
  3. Night drive
  4. Thunivu
  5. Dear David
  6. Quantamania- Antman and the wasp
  7. Varisu

Net series watched

  1. Little Women – 12 episodes

Health statistics

There is no change in any of the below parameters this month.

  1. Weight – 76 Kg (1kg weight loss achieved )
  2. Protein – 20 % (0.7 % increase from last month)
  3. Muscle – 54.7 Kg (1.2 Kg muscle mass increased)
  4. Body fat – 24 % (2.5 % reduced compared to last month)
  5. Visceral fat – 13 (No change)
  6. Bone mass – 2.93 Kg (0.6 kg increase compared to last month)
  7. Water content – 52 % (1.5 % increase )
  8. Basal metabolism rate – 1527

My health increased due to resuming cycling and running.


  1. Deep sleep – 16:00 hours
  2. Light sleep – 70:50 hours
  3. REM sleep – 26:50 hours

115 hours of sleep in February approximately 4.5 hours per day. Let me see if this increases with my upcoming activities in this month or remains the same.

Cycling and Running

No of days: 17 days

No of kms: 403 km

New Problems faced in Feb-2023

  1. My MI 6 smartband failed to charge and so could not track my step count sleep and other parameters for a few days
  2. Less sleep

I will keep writing monthly reviews for my self development. Also by chance if somebody reads this and can give better ideas and suggestions. Day by day in everyway I will strive to become better and better.

Thanks for Reading.