May 2023 review


What worked well for me this month?

Completing 600, 300 and 400 km brevet and qualified for PBP-2023

I started wearing cleats for road bike.

Got a new mac book pro for myself.

Book reading:

No new books read this month.

Movies watched

  1. Suzume
  2. Your name
  3. Yathisai
  4. Pathu thala

Watched two Japanese movies in theatre.

Net series watched

I haven’t watched any this month.

Health statistics

There is drastic change in the below parameters this month. 

  1. Weight – 65.8Kg (5 kg weight loss achieved )
  2. Protein – 21 % (same as last month)
  3. Muscle – 50.0  Kg (1.5 Kg muscle mass reduced)
  4. Body fat – 20 % (3 % reduced compared to last month)
  5. Visceral fat – 11 ( 1 point reduced)
  6. Bone mass – 2.65 Kg (0.1 kg reduced compared to last month)
  7. Water content – 54.5% (same as last month)
  8. Basal metabolism rate – 1378

My health improved drastically due to resuming cycling and running.

Cycling and Running

Cycling :2000 km

Running : 80  km

I will keep writing monthly reviews for my self development. Also by chance if somebody reads this and can give better ideas and suggestions. Day by day in everyway I will strive to become better and better. 

Thanks for Reading.

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