September 2023 review


What worked well for me this month?

32 KM trail run successfully completed

Went for a kolli hills and bettered my PR in climbing.

Participated in a Time Trial cycling event and bettered my PR.

Visited Thaiyur lake along with cycling group.

Book reading:

No new books read this month.

Movies watched

  1. Equaliser 3
  2. Mundhina nildana
  3. Preethse
  4. Kowsalya supraja rama
  5. Sapta sagaradache ello – side A

Net series watched

  1. Friends
  2. Celebrity

Health statistics

  1. Weight – 67.9 kg  (2 kg weight gain due to increase in muscle mass. It can be a machine error. Forgot to check my weight and accidental data loss in this month on too many days)
  2. Protein – 21.2 % 
  3. Muscle – 52  Kg 
  4. Body fat – 19.2 % 
  5. Visceral fat – 12
  6. Bone mass – 2.78 Kg 
  7. Water content – 55.3 % 
  8. Basal metabolism rate – 1400 kcal

Cycling and Running

800 km cycling

60 km walking, hiking and running

8 hours of weight training

6 hours of body balance exercises

I will keep writing monthly reviews for my self development. Also by chance if somebody reads this and can give better ideas and suggestions. Day by day in everyway I will strive to become better and better. 

Thanks for Reading.

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