A trip to Jawadhu hills


Jawadhu hills or jawadhu malai is situated in the Tiruvannamalai district of southern most state of india, Tamilnadu. awadhu hill is a nice weekend getaway from Chennai.  If you want to know more about the Jawadhu Hills. My first visit to jawadhu hills was during the ‘Greencruiser 400 BRM’ in Jan 2020 and my second visit was during ‘Jawadhu 400 BRM’ in the subsequent year January.

Many of us have already completed the SR series and wanted further practice at hills. Also after my first ultra randonneuring experience the feeling was to practice more hill rides. We chose to go to jawadhu as a weekend trip by car and return on the same day. Five cycles in a car , three in a rack and other two inside the back seat of Innova.

We gathered at padma’s house at 5:00 am in the morning, dismantled our cycles and put two of the cycles inside the backside of car along with the wheels of all five cycles. Then fixed the rack and loaded the three cycles and secured firmly. We had our first break near mamandur and then proceeded towards polur. We had our breakfast in a road side shop. Egg dosa and idly were gulped by us and then reached a friends house, known through Shiva Raju.

We unloaded the cycles and started the assembling the wheels and checked tyre pressures and then applied lubes to chain and gear. After assembly did a small test ride and gathered again. The area was full of paddy fields.

All five of us started riding from polur and reached the check  post after which we started climbing at our own pace. It was rising gradually and then once the hair pin bend sign boards are seen, the climb becomes steeper. For well practised legs it isn’t much steep. There were a total of five hairpin bends and at the end of the fifth hairpin bend a watch tower is available from where the panoramic views are stunning. I enjoyed the scene and forgot to take pic from the top. I realised it only after descending from watch tower.

Watch tower at Jawadhu hill

I reached there quickly in less than 45 minutes and descended till I saw padma and rode with him to the 5th hair pin bend. After taking some pics we rode again to the next person and climbed again. In this way all we repeated till all five of us were there at the top. We took some group pics and some local kids joined us too.

It was rainy season and the weather was also pleasant. We descended till check post and looked out for snacks in the nearest shop. And then took some pics befor leaving.

Then went to the friend’s house in polur, dismantled our wheels and put two cycle frames in the rear side along with ten wheels and then the remaining three frames in the rack. We then reached polur junction and lucky to have the meals. After the meals we proceeded via Uthiramerur route and then reached home by 10:00 pm in the night.

The journey time, dismantling and assembling the cycles at both onward and return took more time than the actual hill ride practice. So we decided that for the next hill ride practice sessions in the subsequent months will stay overnight.

See you in the next hill ride.

An unexpected journey to patnitop


Many in India doesn’t know about this hill station called patnitop. If you had asked me six years ago where is patnitop, I would have blinked. At that time I have never been in a plane. Me and my friend planned for a trip to Jammu and Amritsar. We have planned a hectic trip and yet we have completed the itinerary in less than 3 days. We had one evening and one night left, so we enquired with the driver. The driver was an enthusiastic person, who likes travel like us, and offered to take us to this place. We gladly agreed without knowing anything about the place.
Patnitop is a lesser known hill station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Need I tell more about the beauty of a place which is adjoining the famous Kashmir. We were traveling in the national highway number one. The road was not that good and not bad except for he few landslides taking place and getting cleared right in front of our eyes.

landslide in NH-1

landslide in NH-1

landslide in NH-1

Our driver assured us that landslides have become part of their life and at times it takes whole day or two to pass through the highway to reach the capital of Jammu. Fortunately for us patnitop is only four hours drive from Katra. There were numerous monkeys on the way and birds singing, indicating that humans have not spoilt the area much. The weather was warm, or so we thought during the journey. We started the journey around 4:00 in the evening and reached 9:00 in the night.

Our distant relative

Local people were rearing their cattle freely. The cattle too seemed happy for plenty of green grass to graze.

cow grazing atop the hill

early sun rays

We stayed right on the hilltop area and found a suitable hotel to stay for the night. The temperature was so cold outside and as well as inside that could be felt even when an electric heater is on. We are to depart the very next day in the morning at 7:00 am. Will we be able to see anything at all? We woke up at 4:00 in the morning and got ready to go outside. It wasn’t dark and the first sun rise hit the hotel around 4:45 am. We could see pine trees all around, green grass, and some horses loitering there. These are used for transportation by local people and for tourism.

The flowers were very vibrant and colourful and i decided to capture them in my lens.

flowers of patnitop

flowers of patnitop

flowers of patnitop

flowers of patnitop

flowers of patnitop

flowers of patnitop

white leaved tree

horses in patnitop

Array of pine trees

early sun rays

We spent until 7:00 am as planned and then departed for our return journey. Even during the return we were busy taking photos at many spots. We just went, slept and came back- this is not what is to be told. All those precious moments there mattered to us. It was a terrific getaway from our daily routine corporate job. We needed those moments. I cherish those moments. I thank from the bottom of my heart to the driver who has introduced me to such a place. He was a Kashmiri guy. I have felt the hospitality of people of Kashmir. They are warm and nice people. Hope terrorism dies sooner than later. I am still dreaming of living in such moments although I have had many such.

It is those journeys that make me repeat always “sometimes journey is more beautiful than the destination”

Chikmagalur – An offbeat hill station


The trip was organised by our friend kishore. Me, christo, vivek, kishore and ravi set off on a sunday morning. There was a lot of hype among the locals about this place and the driver added vocal touch to the already hyped up imagination. Although we never expected it to be this awesome. This place is ideal for both family as well as with friends and is an ideal getaway for those who want to take a break from the hectic corporate life.

Forests on the way

Sometimes journey will be more beautiful than the destination. The route to chikmagalur was so beautiful, we could not do justice with our artificial lens. You will have to capture the scenery with the lens given by god.

Enroute to chikmagalur

You cannot reach this place by bus. Although there are lot of buses to chikmagalur from both bangalore and mangalore, the hill station is situated in a remote place. Even the vehicle which you travel with cannot reach the top. There are plenty of jeep services which take you to water falls at the top. As we have been to many waterfalls nearby, it was decided to be skipped.


The vehicles has to pass through many different trees and sometimes thorough the bhadravati wild life sanctuary. Although animal sighting is very rare, the scenery is picturesque.

The visibility will decrease as you progress along the raod towards chikmagalur

The misty place is covered full of fog at a certain point where you definitely have to slow down. It reminds of the fast paced life that we live and the necessity to slow down.

This is how you feel when you are on half way mark.

There was a lorry stuck up in the mud roads. Only the passers by helped back the lorry to start again. The place is so near to ‘city of enterpreneurs’ yet it appeared we have reached the farthest part of the earth.

This was photographed at 12:00 noon and the dew hasnt dissappeared.

Perhaps i am falling short of words to describe the scene. You should go and see it yourself before it becomes one more over-crowded tourist spot. Although i feel it has a long way to go as there are many easily accessible scenic places in the western ghats.

some friendship moments

I forgot the name of the fruit.

plantations along the way.

Garden at the top

The flowers in the garden are very beautiful, i decided to post it in a separate post.

charmadi ghats

The view from the top is very serene and beautiful. The entire mountain range appears green. The grass green and the other trees can be easily distinguished from the colour of the hills.

waterfalls or river

A distant view of water source was seen enroute and we were not advised to there as they are occupied by the big cats-our national animal – Tiger.

chikmagalur hill station

Chikmagalur is a lesser known hill station in south of india. This cool, pristine places lies in the western ghats in karnataka.

How to go?

chikmagalur can be reached from mangalore easily. Nearest airport, and railway station is in mangalore. For people interested in offbeat places chikmagalur is an ideal choice.

You have to hire your own cab from mangalore. There is literally no public transport to this offbeat hill station. The district name as well as the village name is chikmagalur, adding to the confusion.

Where to stay?

There are no places to stay at the top. You will have to stay enroute to this place. .

I would advice  to stay in mangalore. We were living in mangalore during this trip.

What to do?

Trekking- you can hire a local guide.

Nature watch- There are many beautiful spots on the way, waterfalls, forests, coffee plantations, flower gardens……..


When to go?

The ideal month is july-october, during the monsoons.

Who should go?

It is a travellers place and not a tourists. However you can go for sightseeing with family and friends.

Have a nice trip.