My year in health


Gained a lot of weight this year during the lockdown period. 8 kg gain in 2021.

My body water content dropped from 56% in the beginning of the year to 51% at the end.

My body protein content dropped from 21.5% in the beginning of the year to 19.5% towards the end.

My fat content increased from 18% to 26% in a single year

Visceral fat also increased several points in 2021 after good drop initially.

Not much variation in muscle mass except in the beginning.

BMI is high.

Basal metabolism rate also increased significantly.

The graphs clearly show i am not in good shape. Though i was able to make lot of significant achievements in sports this year, my health has degraded a lot. Tracked my weight, protein, fat, water content, muscle mass using MI body composition scale. These are significant insights of degrading health but pretty useful data to make a comeback in 2022.

Though i have pedalled close to 20000 km in my bicycle in 2021, due to eating habits and sedentary working habits, i am facing the consequences. Though medical check up also indicated i am fine as of now, it is a warning for myself to change my habits. Thanks to quantified self habits. This will push me more into tracking and learn more about me and help me make a better version of myself.