Hi all. This is my first post in 2020. Life is at its best for me and some falls too within two months time. I have completed two half marathons, one 400 km cycle ride, one 150 km cycle ride, non stop daily rides in february, lost 5 kgs since jan 1 st, an awesome trip to malaysia with cycling group friends, improved focus in personal life, exited the rat race, practising for my first triathlon and the list keeps growing.

Ultra and trail marathons have come into the vision and took the first step today. After riding uphill, ran downhill and ran uphill with considerable ease and pace. Thanks to the young people who have joined the group recently. Filled with positive thoughts and elevated mood my heart says “The day has just begun and Today is a better day”

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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