Mask museum , kolkatta

Mask is an art of transformation, concealing the identity of the performer and invests the actor with an alternative identity. It is used to take on the persona of the other – a person, a deity, an animal or a cosmic character. The performer in the mask dance is looked upon as an empowered person, … More Mask museum , kolkatta

Life is full of surprises

Life is full of surprises. After posting about the book review, i started experiencing pain in my ears every night at random times. After two days of this sudden pain, My lymphatic node near the back of neck swelled up. In another two days, i had difficulty in swallowing food with an everlasting throat pain. … More Life is full of surprises

Rebound – book review

Rebound by Carrie Jackson Cheadle and Cindy Kuzma Train your mind to bounce back stronger from sports injuries. The book gives ample examples of injured sports persons bounce-back-story and the way they coped up during the rest and rehab time and why and how some people took longer and others bounced back earlier. It also … More Rebound – book review

Time travelled to my room in 2008

I was cleaning and organising my room today with left hand only. Suddenly my mind travelled back to 2008 and i checked my photos of my room in 2008. I stayed away from my parents for the first time in 2008. It was in KPCL quarters at raichur. When i joined office, i was told … More Time travelled to my room in 2008

Spartan 600 – Play with Gradient

Spartan 600 The toughest brevet I have ever done and the most prepared one also, Thanks to the training at SL7-High altitude training centre. The brevet was organised by Madurai randonneurs and comprises of Climbing four hills viz ., Panrimalai, Kodaikanal, Bodimettu, Cumbamettu. Previous day of ride: We reached Madurai 21 hours prior to ride … More Spartan 600 – Play with Gradient

SL7 High Altitude Training Centre – Ooty

Went for a three day training camp at SL7 HATC, ooty. Reached metupalayalam by train and from there i pedalled to the training centre. 60 kms from metupalayalam with 2500 m elevation gain, and some rain, with no pain, reached the centre with rain washed bike and myself. I was welcomed with great hospitality. Day … More SL7 High Altitude Training Centre – Ooty