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hi! My name is vidyasagar. i am basically a mechanical engineer by profession. I don’t have a single true calling. I like traveling, and many other things. This blog is to inspire others who don’t have a single true calling.


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I am officially an Ultra randonneur.

12 thoughts on “About me”
  1. Hi. Glad that you liked my post.
    Nice introduction. Been working for decades with people who believe they have defined their journey. I used to outline the parameters of my life’s timeline and stick with the best way I could. Now, I’ve gotten out of that box. Happy journeying.

      1. Hi Vidyasagar. Nice to meet you too. Keep writing and posting photos of the places you visited. It’s great to know that people in your field love to write, too. Rarely I find ones in my workshops who love to write. Hahaha.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for liking one of my posts. That’s a quite interesting about me.. I do collect coins & currencies.. So I might check out for some good posts on that too I guess..

    Wishes, T.

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