Madipakkam lake

This is one of the places to where my memories goes from childhood times. Now that the lake has been fenced and a pavement has been put around. The total circumferential distance is around 2.3 kilometres. At evenings the place is a bit crowded with people from all ages from school children to retired persons, … More Madipakkam lake

Silapathikaram art gallery

The anklet and the leaves of the epic Ilango adikal in silambu Poompuhar maruvur pakkam Poompuhar pattinapakkam Poompuhar nalangadi Kannagi kovalan marriage announced Blessings for the marriage Kannagi and kovalan in the open terrace Madhavi’s maiden dance performance and the magnificiant honour of talaikol Sorrowful kannagi sad at heart Kovalan madhavi in the moonlit terrace … More Silapathikaram art gallery