Today is celebrated as bhogi festival in southern parts of india. People burn all old things before the harvest festival (pongal) tomorrow. I have stopped celebrating bhogi due to pollution issues. I am not burning garbage anymore. Though i have enjoyed a lot during this festival in my childhood days, i still want to give up my celebration in favour of all of us and future generation.

Tomorrow is pongal festival. Pongal is name of a sweet dish and also because it is prepared with freshly harvest rice on this day, the festival is also named as pongal.

Sugarcane is eaten raw, the skin of the cane is pulled out using teeth and the cane stick is crushed within the mouth, chewed till all the juices are squeezed and then spat out from the mouth. This needs a strong dental health. I am going to miss this way of having cane from now on.

Instead of burning garbage decided to burn some bad habits this year. Over the last two years i am working independently. So there is no one to question me. In the process i have lost some self discipline. I am doing things i love but not efficiently. This inefficiency started hurting me. For eg., I am spending too much time for cycling and therefore having my breakfast late. I have decided to split the cycling distance to do in both morning and evening so that the balance will be achieved. Too much active in the morning and couch potato throughout the day may be the reason for my weight gain last year despite cycling.

My earnings were high last year but my expenditure was higher. I have to earn much more so that i need not worry about my expenditure. Or may be temporarily i should reduce my expenditure. Have to study in detail and conclude what to do on this.

Have to spend more time on learning new things and developing new skills. Literally i stopped all things which was started by me last year(2020). Like coding, drawing, photography etc. So i am celebrating this boghi day by burning procrastination.

Happy boghi everyone!

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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