It has been a month now post my collarbone surgery. Xray has been taken today and the doctor has asked me to slowly get used to without the arm sling. It feels different now with a plate inside my body and also removing the sling. Its now time for me to get back to the usual routine of things. However i contemplated a lot of things during my rest period about how to go about everything in my life. Although i am facing more problems now than ever before, i am still cool and confident of overcoming them. Really surprised myself with this new attitude developed over years. Worrying has disappeared altogether. My whole focus has turned towards learning many new things and revise unused skills.

My cycle is yet to be assembled after my return from UK. Will this new attitude of mine stay shorter or longer, only time can tell. My weight has not significantly increased during the recovery period. And another good news is that visceral fat has started reducing after 20 months. Once visceral fat goes down, rest of things like body water content, Protein, muscle mass etc will fall in place. one area of concern is my skeletal mass is going down despite taking calcium tablets. May be because of lacking vitamin-D since i am staying indoor all the time.

Likely to resume cycling by middle of December month as per my estimation, Missing out the participation in next week dandeli ultra running event. I am now setting my eyes on “The buddha trails” scheduled in the month of April next year. Finished reading another fiction book “The influencer” and binge watched another korean series “Run on”. Gave my used ipad air to my cousin. And now ready to spring up to new highs.

See you in another post.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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