Went for a three day training camp at SL7 HATC, ooty. Reached metupalayalam by train and from there i pedalled to the training centre. 60 kms from metupalayalam with 2500 m elevation gain, and some rain, with no pain, reached the centre with rain washed bike and myself. I was welcomed with great hospitality.

Day 0:

Everyone arrived at the camp one by one and stayed at respective rooms on sharing basis. The common meeting point for discussions was close to my room. One gang from Vellore / Ranipet stayed close to my room and they were super enthusiastic with so many gadgets and playing music all over the night.

Day 1:

All of us got up early on the day, had our breakfast and ready on time as planned. The group has planned for a easy ride on day 1 . We started the ride at 7:00 in the morning, decided to go on our own pace, slow and steady and reached half way point at kattabetu. We had our breakfast there and then regrouped into smaller groups based on our speeds and went back to our start point. On the first day covered a total distance of 62 km with 1200 m elevation gain, and completed the ride by around 1:30 in the afternoon. Since it was a relaxed pace ride, we did not bother about speed and timings. Post ride, we had our lunch arranged by SL7 and happily went to take rest and prepare for the big day. On the evening met for tea and had our discussions regarding next day ride.

Day 2:

The sufferfest began as soon as we started the ride at 7:00 in the morning. We were climbing the whole day and at some places the climb was very steep such that persons wearing cleated shoes had to get down from the cycle and walk uphill. It was a very good practice ride for LEL and upcoming spartan 600. There was heavy rains and some had their brake failures and returned via shortest route to avoid descents during rains. Rest of us completesd the 129 km sufferfest with an elevation gain of 3000+ metres. Completing the ride gave a tremendous boost to confidence.

Day 3:

The relaxed ride for 60 km with 1000+ metres elevation passed through a muddy section, where an old man provided with buckets of water for cleaning our cycles. He was a native of kancheepuram and settled in ooty when he was ten years old. Such help from unknown people and crucial times reminds me that i should also help people without expecting anything in return. We complated the ride well before lunch and had a relaxed evening. Post evening we had a stretching exercise session by Sreenath, the founder of SL7 and a yoga session subsequently. It was a wonderful finish to the three day camp.

About the SL7-HATC

  1. Resist against resistance
  2. Unique in Asia. The only high altitude training centre for cyclists.
  3. Accommodation is neat and clean.
  4. Dormitory and private rooms available.
  5. Hot water for bathing is available.
  6. Cycling cleaning space is available.
  7. Ideal location for bird watching and photography.

The centre is located in Ithalar village in ooty. Around 15 km from ooty bus stand, the centre is situated in a private secured place with scenic views and away from the disturbance of tourists. It is ideal location for cyclists to train for climbs.


See you in another post.

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