Madipakkam lake

This is one of the places to where my memories goes from childhood times. Now that the lake has been fenced and a pavement has been put around. The total circumferential distance is around 2.3 kilometres. At evenings the place is a bit crowded with people from all ages from school children to retired persons, … More Madipakkam lake

Yaganti cave temple

 There are many caves in this temple and the nearby areas. Some of the caves are closed for public – reasons not known. The temple main entrance The shankara cave- No one knows what is inside the cave. Not even why it is named shankara cave. From the stone carved steps you can understand it … More Yaganti cave temple

Eddakal cave

Eddakal cave is located in the wayanad district in the southern state of kerala in india. A few years back when i visited the cave, the guide explained me about rock art within the walls of the cave. I totally forgot about this cave because of many other pleasant memories during the trip. As a … More Eddakal cave