Cycling in Chennai -Lakes in and around Chennai

It is monsoon time in Chennai and time to await and visit our favourite lakes and check dams.

Hampi -A documentation work in stone-I

The name “HAMPI” will be written in golden words in every backpacker’s diary. If you want to go to 14th or 15th centuries go to Hampi, in india. Hampi is a historically amous city rules by the the vijaya nagara kings. The ruins of this great city spread over 46 kilometres is still there as … More Hampi -A documentation work in stone-I

Borra caves in vishakapatinam

Borra caves  lies in the coastal district of vishakapatinam, in the southern state of Andhra pradesh in India. Being the largest cave in india, this place has developed into a tourist spot.  Daily tourist buses ply from vishakaptinam to cater the tourists need. The nearby areas are also beautiful particularly the arraku valley tourism circuit. … More Borra caves in vishakapatinam

Belum caves in india

I am planning to explore some caves in indonesia. Before that i would like to share my very different experiences in the caves i have already visited in india. Although there are many many caves in the world remains largely unexplored, even though it is crystal clearly known , humans have lived inside some of … More Belum caves in india