This is one of the places to where my memories goes from childhood times. Now that the lake has been fenced and a pavement has been put around. The total circumferential distance is around 2.3 kilometres. At evenings the place is a bit crowded with people from all ages from school children to retired persons, congregate and socialise. Even small vendors are trying to utilise the scenario to increase the sales around the area and causing great disturbance to the joggers/runners.

The place is ideal for joggers and slow runners during evening up to 5:00 PM after which it becomes a hang out place. With Palm trees doted on one side where the elevation is higher, it is a scenic place to enjoy the evenings.

Madipakkam lake

Water level has gone down considerably low due to heavy consumption of ground water for construction purposes. Birds have started coming to this place and with the fencing done and in the middle of the lake they find a safe haven for breeding and resting. I have witnessed few budding photographers use this oppurtunity to develop their skills with lens.

Madipakkam lake

I run in the evenings around this lake. It takes around 15 minutes for one circle when less crowded and average pace. I am thankful to all the people who have put lot of efforts in saving this lake from human destruction and brought it to the present condition.

Madipakkam lake – Birds haven

With the corona lock down this lake is also closed by the municipality to encourage social distancing as a preventive measure. Once the virus effect comes down can make full use of the wonderful place close to my home.

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