Baya weaver

Twelve years ago when I was staying away from my parents for the first time in life, I was already eager for exploring the new place. I was posted in such a place where nothing is available or so I thought at that time. My view is not he same now and I have posted in “The grass on the other side looks greener”.  Over the course of time I have learnt many times, locals are not aware of the valuable  things around them to see and learn. Even the so called explored places remains largely unexplored. No when I was posted in this remote place, I would ask everyone what are the places to see around. What is this place famous for. I would google around so hard that nothing would be available and we would curse the place for not having anything to see or do. Some people would say there is a park nearby. If you would visit the park, nobody will be there. You can have the park for yourself. It will be deserted after evening. Once when my room-mate was coming back from his hometown to this place, he saw a board with a picture of deer and some text on it. On reaching our room he told me of this and it would be approximately around ten kilometres from our room. So we enquired a lot about this deer park to so many people. No one would now of it.

We decided to explore on our own. Every Sunday we would go and search for this deer park and return home without finding any clue. We were not able to find the board with the picture of the deer. We would take lot of pictures, rare sceneries, seeing birds in natural environment. You can see the pics below.

Baya weaver

After few months we successfully found the board with a picture of the deer. We didn’t know the local language so couldnt read the directions to the deer park. We asked the route for the deer park to the people nearby. No one knows about any deer park. We told them there is a board which shows direction. Still no one knows. Finally one man came along with us near the board and translated for us. The board didn’t show the direction to the deer park. Instead it read “ Deer crossing- Go slow”.

By vidyasagar

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