Getting lost in sawit forests

It was during my beginning days of exploring in indonesia, when i was not knowing how to speak. I googled and found that there are some parts of world which are still not covered n the google maps and some places even if covered, rest of the details about those places are not available in … More Getting lost in sawit forests

A trip to the island of kaniungan kecil

“Pull Kaniungan kecil” is the name of a small island located in the biduk-biduk region in berau, East kalimantan Indonesia. One of the extremely offbeat place in the world and soon to become a over-crowded tourist spot in quite a few years, this island is unheard off even to many native indonesians. “Kecil” in indonesian … More A trip to the island of kaniungan kecil

River rafting at Bali

For me  year 2014 ended with a rafting session at Telaga Waja river at Bali, Indonesia. This was my third rafting experience besides barapole and kali rivers in India but definitely the longest and safest experience. Welcome to river rafting at bali We arrived at the rafting spot, with a welcome drink, we were given … More River rafting at Bali