Smart watches not only shows time, it saves time. The realisation dawned upon me while I was stuck in covid-19 lockdown. I have been using one for five year nearly until It was broken accidentally about which I have written earlier. I should have invested in a new one. I was in a dilemma. Its costing so much time now. You only realise the value of something only when you don’t have it. Anything can be replaced except time.

  1. Step count – I was tracking my steps everyday for five years hassle free. I need not carry my hone with me. All the steps are recorded. Now when I realise that I have to carry my phone each time I take  step it is mind boggling. Step count revealed whether I was active or not and I was improving well in 2020.
  2. Also it tracked exercise minutes, distance, heart rate etc. which were very crucial in my weight loss journey, fitness activities.
  3. Sleep – The difference between manual tracking and automatic tracking is vast. You will not know how many times you woke up in the middle of the night while using manual tracking. The combined tracking of Sleep timings and heart rate gave the following insights
    • What time I go to bed and what time I woke. And also whether I am consistent in these timings
    • How many time I woke up in the idle of the sleep. I woke up to a maximum of 8 times which I was not aware.
    • Even after waking up, am I active or lazing around. This is measured by a term called readiness score.
    • Duration of sleep, Duration awake in bed etc.,
  4. Heart rate – The maximum and minimum heart rate, How well your heart rate is consistent , range etc are now missed. I have been consistently tracking these for many years.
  5. Other advanced measurements like VO2 max, recovery rate after workout etc are also very useful insights
  6. Apple watch is the best run tracker I have ever used. Its precision is very accurate than other devices I have used. Now during lockdown , I have to run inside home and I couldn’t complete some of the challenged solely because of not having it.
  7. I am not complaining about other features like reading messages, attending calls etc., which can be done thru phone.

Readers can now conclude why I called apple watch – the best gadget I used in my life.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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