Trying new things gives lot of hope, energy, excitement and sometimes increases your enthusiasm. Last week was such a great time for me. I got my wish fulfilled. It was a dream come true for me. I haven’t  heard the name of the book in my childhood and into my teens. When I came to know , I couldn’t afford to buy it and when I could, I was too busy with my life. Over course of time I even forgot. Once forgotten even when you could find time you wouldn’t do it. There are many such books which wanted to read but couldn’t. Life brings surprises. During the lockdown period, all the book shops and libraries are closed. Not all books are available in digital platform. And even if it is available I am not comfortable to use ipad for longer duration of time. I was a voracious reader. If I start reading a book, it will not last for more than a week. Smaller books last for a few hours. One fine day during lockdown I remembered one of the name of the book which I had forgotten for so long. It is none other than the historic tamil novel “Ponniyin selvan”.

I took a week for me to listen all 293 audios. The narration was good both due to storyline and way in which it was read. The joy of listening is so overwhelming, that when I completed listening to the full book, I am speechless, but word flow thru my heart to fingers to keyboard. The stories and incidents mentioned in the historic novel were so captivating, I forgot my daily routines, didn’t do any exercise, and my streak for non-stop step-count came to an end. I am both enthralled and excited. Different emotions raced through my mind. The characters still live in my thoughts. If appears to be true even after I opened my eyes. It may be because of the abrupt end of the story, the suspense built by the author was really appreciable. To keep you glued to one place, one thought, vivid imagination and satisfaction at the end.

It is an happy ending story. But the way in which story had been written, it cant say it cannot be described by words because it is already written and incidents in the story has happened a millennium ago. Details are taken from available inscriptions in copper plates. The characters visualized in my mind, portrayed by the author , were once real. They lived on the same country where I live today. It is is the history of my fore fathers. It is my history. The journey called life was sweet for some, sour for some, tasteless for some, delicious for some. My mood is not the same during listening the book and after finished listening. I feel something vacant. The silence is deafening. I felt that author could have extended the story. But in the conclusion he gave an apt explanation for the ending and I am convinced and felt I was more happy listening to the book and expected it to be never ending. I have been in many train journeys lasting more than 24 hours. I always enjoyed the destination. But this time, Listening to this book, makes me say “ The journey was more beautiful than the destination”


I could find an audio book of the ponniyin selvan. Yes all 293 chapters in the form of audio book available for free in youtube. Providing the link below and thanks to sathyan audio books for their efforts.

By vidyasagar

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