As long I was with my mother home food is the only option available. I liked whatever she cooked. Food was served with love and affection, so no second thoughts. Eat what is available and yes I was satisfied.

The moment I was transferred to a new place, life offered me new challenges. I was alone in a new place where there is no option to dine out. I was forced to learn basic cooking. I did not dare to go beyond that. Because my next transfer was to a place with lot of options to dine out. I even forgot how to cook. 

And back when I got transferred to my hometown, the same food served by my mother with even more love and affection did not taste well, not because she did not cook like before, but because I have had a variety of foods. I had already traveled to more than 50 cities in those two years, and had a lot more knowledge about cuisine.

I had even tried food which is not available in my home town, numerous sea food, without taking care of my body. My belly grew big and now I have to compensate for that. I hate dieting. I like eating for pleasure. At that point of time I had many doubts about my food habits.

  • Self cooking or depend on dear one
  • Dine out with friends or family or alone
  • Vegetarian or non vegetarian food
  • Eating for pleasure vs Eating for health
  • Limit food quantity vs eat till satisfaction

Despite all these doubts, without any hesitation I took breakfast, lunch and dinner apart from snacks during office. All my medical reports said I had all parameters within limits. So why stop eating for pleasure?


By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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