Ever since I was a child , I was curious in using a camera and the wish became true after I became an adult and I purchased one. My first camera is a of Olympus make. I went to Hyderabad zoo simply to test it. some of my first clicks and the photos are really good, more than my expectation.

hyderabad zoo

Using the camera for bird watching, zoomed my enthusiasm for photography. Day by day I learnt more and more new things which I have never knew before. My hand became steady in full zoom. I captured birds unknown to me. I have never used a tripod, although I feel , I need one now.

As I used more and more, I realized that my camera cannot be used in rain, waterfalls, beaches. Once my first camera got repaired once for all, I decided to go for a water proof camera. The challenge is waterproof camera’s with similar zoom are bulky and the availability in market.

Meanwhile the use of iphone for photography has brought a sea change in my application and view of photography as hobby. The speed at which photos can be taken made a remarkable change in the ways I photographed. Below are some samples.

I purchased lens for iphone to enhance the image quality in macro level. And still my drawback of taking photos in water had been a hindrance to capture moments. Also I had done scuba diving an year earlier, whch is still fresh in my memory. The underwater world was far more colourful than the world we live in. I decided to realize my dream. I googled and found Olympus TG-3. Find below some underwater photos taken using my TG-3.

Why this post after all? What you are going to get on reading about the evolution of cameras and photography? Do people simply click something and call it memories? Evolution of camera in mobile phone has changed the world of photography for sure. But does it kill all other skills associated with photography. Is it an end to all those things which made unique photographers. These are some questions i ponder upon.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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