It is raining at my hometown and one more night of rain will bring water into my house. As I was wondering whether it will rain tonight, my thoughts drifted back in time. Not so long, till 90 days back, we were facing acute water shortage. We bathed, washed clothes and did many things only once in a week. Such was the crisis for water. You have to take leave to office for arranging bare minimum water required for household purposes. Everyday I would dream of rain. I could not bicycle in those three months. We barely ventured out of air conditioned rooms. Even the drain water from air conditioners were caught in vessels and used for toiletry purposes.

Food is among the top basic necessities and water tops food. And finally when it rained all were happy. We even bicycled in the rains to celebrate our joy of seeing water finally. Ponds and lakes are not yet full but the incoming quantum is good. Hoping we will not have water scarcity in 2020.

Those 90 days without water taught us a good lesson. I request all those reading this blog to use water sensibly. I don’t even consume water unnecessarily other than for drinking purposes.

It is our responsibility to provide a better future for the upcoming generations. I request all not to learn about this the hard way. Let us all conserve water and plant more trees to avert this in the future.

During my tenth grade there was a lesson titled same as title of this blog. At that age I wondered, why did such a lesson was part of syllabus. Now I truly agree “water is the elixir of life”

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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