Having successfully completed by first attempt at 200 km brevet ride, I am writing this post in jubiliating mood.

Summary of our activities

  1. Reaching the venue on time – there was no delay. All of us were on time and we had some snacks, tea and juice before the ride commenced.
  2. On the way to the first check point – we took some group photos on the way to the first check point. End result – 10 minutes time spent.
  3. First check point – Unmanned check point. We took photos as proof. No time wasted here.
  4. Second check point – again an unmanned check point. Took some photos. No time wasted here too.
  5. On the way to third check point- We had our breakfast at an road side shop and then went straight to the adjacent juice shop. Around 45 minutes was spent here in total. Further to that we had to take another break of 20 minutes midway to the third check point.
  6. Third check point- we didn’t waste much time here
  7. U-turn point – We consumed 45 minutes of time here for having lunch and resting. Three os us didn’t have our lunch.
  8. Fifth check point – Unmanned check point. We took photos as proof. No time wasted here.
  9. On the way to sixth check point – we rested for almost 30 minutes after few miles from the fifth check point. One of the co-riders tube got punctured. Another 30 minutes by all fellow riders spent here without offering any physical support.
  10. Seventh check point – By the time we reached this check point we are almost running late. Our water bottles are empty. The group got separated. Panick mode is on. Mind started playing games. Some even started thinking to drop. Neverthless all were moving.
  11. Eighth check point – I reached faster and waiting for my co-riders to join. Out of six only three reached. I enquired about the rest and was told they are on the way but slow. Now four of us joined together. We didn’t have water, snacks and running out of time. We decided to complete the ride and then have food.
  12. On the way to final check point – We have entered the city in peak traffic time on a Saturday evening. As you can expect, our speed was limited by the chaotic traffic and the random road crossing pedestrians. My front and rear lights were not glowing. There were  traffic signal at four places and we had to wait.
  13. Final check point – I reached first just 30 minutes ahead of completion time. One by one my fellow riders reached the spot and registered the timings. Some were just 2 minutes prior to closing time.

Lessons learnt

S NO Observation Suggestion
1 Panick mode towards the end of the ride Due to wasting time at earlier check points, we could not have even water and food at later stage. Either be more time conscious or carry enough food with you. But to buy water you need a break. Therefore be more time conscious
2 One of the co-rider was carrying one small water bottle Carry at least two water bottles
3 Tyre punctured – three times for the same person Check cycle condition including your tyres and tubes ahead of the event day and replace necessary parts
4 Front and rear lights not glowing Carry enough spare batteries. If USB charged lights, then carry a power bank.
5 Waiting at puncture spot for your co-rider The entire team need not wait. At the most one co-rider can stay and help and they should speed up and catch up with the rest of the riders.
6 Not taking lunch at U-turn point We did not get what we wanted. We should have carried what we wanted.
7 Carrying change/ currency of lesser denomination You are going through remotest parts of villages where there no ATM machines nor credit cards are accepted. It is advisable to carry coins / currency of lesser denomination

With the above experience, we are preparing for our next 300 km brevet. Any suggestions/ advice is welcome. Thanking you in advance.

I have also summarised things to do before going for a brevet in the below link. Any additional info/ suggestion are welcome.


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