I have been using ipad air for the last seven years ans it is still working fine. When I started using ipad for reading books for a longer period of time, my eyes became dry and felt very uncomfortable to read for longer periods particularly at nights. Looking for alternative and as per friends recommendation, I switched to the amazon kindle. It has been two weeks since I switched to kindle for reading books.

Now I am very much comfortably  reading at nights and  it is also Lighter and smaller than my ipad air. Battery life is a little longer I would say. Having added one more gadget to my kitty, I now have to carry one more tab and cable additionally during my travels. Cost wise though I feel it is a bit pricey compared to the so much functionality provided by the ipad. I also feel it is unfair to compare these two gadgets as both have their own advantages.

My storage problem is solved. No longer I have to find space to put my book inside or get worried when rodents nibble a part of book or flood water entering my house and damaging all the books. I faced these horrible experiences in 2017 and yet evaded for three years to buy an e-reader like kindle. Finally covid-19 forced me to buy kindle. I used to visit libraries which was cut off. All book shops are closed. Even online procurement was closed in our city for more than 3 months. I had to wait for a month for the covid-19 cases to come down and then government permits online retail market. Ordered through amazon and got it delivered within five days.

I have read around ten books in the last two weeks. I have subscribed to kindle unlimited. It is again flooded with books. Initially I felt I am spoilt for choice. But then realised you have to pay for all good books which I feel is worth it. I was a voracious reader during my college times and the reading time came down drastically oncei got into job market. Finally after many years got the time to read as many books as I want. Now I have to get connected with people having reading habits. I started using goodreads to read reviews and select books. There is an age old saying “you cannot judge a book by its cover”. All the ebooks look same. There is no possibility of judging by the cover. When you use a e-reader you wont even realise the size of the book. There is a clue to know how much pages you have read or percentage of the book covered. But the sheer look of a physical book by its size and the smell of the paper- yes I miss it.

Cheers all book-lovers

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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