2021 recap and 2022 vision

This is me

Starting to write after along break, sudden rush of words, that so much things to share, but in which order or priority. Last two years have been challenging times for everyone around the world. Facing unprecedented or what we think unprecedented challenges in the form of covid-19. Despite these challenges made some personal achievements. Completed my second and third super randonneur series. Completed an LRM ride. Investments are doing fairly well in share market. Overall Health is better and fintness level also in good condition.

Nagalapuram hike with cycling friends

What i want to do next year

  1. Participate in more LRM events
  2. Participate in trail running events
  3. Cycling touring
  4. Read more books than i did this year
  5. Eat healthy food like this year
  6. Indulge in new self experiments and also continue ongoing experiments
  7. Publish more content in my blog/website
  8. Learn more about share markets
  9. Become more organised than i am today
  10. Indulge in creative pursuits

Satisfaction can kill you sometimes. More about it later.

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