Less than 24 hours after I posted about my bicycling tour of karnataka, got the news that the event got postponed due to curfew restrictions at night due to the rise of new covid variant omicron and also a preventive measure to avoid people gathering in large numbers for new year celebrations. Sure all of us were dissappointed at first, but the organisers are trying to conduct the event before the month end. The event got cancelled for the last two years and this year both the organisers and the participants want it to happen.

Some of the participants were upset, others sent message consoling the organisers for the effort and planning they have put in prior to the event. I do sympathise and admire the organisers for their great effort in trying to conduct despite so many hurdles.

I am consoling myself to endure these endless disappointments. What better way than to write and share.

By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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