I am on an official visit to hyderabad, India. Sitting inside the guest house and rewinding my travel memoirs, 8 years of traveling and yet still going, juggling between my job and free time to travel, This job has taken me to places where i would have not landed, even if i had plenty of money. On the other side, This job has not allowed me to travel when i want to(see my earlier post).

180 kilometres from Hyderabad, there is a place named raichur, which was once a great place and today known only for the thermal power station.The old fort at raichur was used as jail and then converted to library and office and so on and on. The place has literally nothing to do or so i thought,like everybody thinks the place to be. This place inspired me to travel as hard i can. I started overnight journeys on saturday night, sight seeing on sunday and then return overnight  back to work on mondays.

I started pursuing my old dropped hobby-Bird watching, from this so called nothing to do place. I practised photography targeting the winged visitors to the river krishna, which was barely 1 kilometre away from my room.

From raichur i visited bijapur , goa , dandeli , mahabaleshwar , mysore , bhopal , bangalore, haridwar and rishikesh, delhi, mantralayam, dandeli, belum caves, yaganti temple, hampi, tunghabadra park, and hyderabad.

Always look around you with your inner eyes open. You can see lot more than what you perceive. And now after 6 years i finally realised, from this nothing to do place(raichur), The grass on the other side always looks greener.

If you ask me ‘Will you go back to raichur?’, my answer is ‘no’ even now because, I have realised, from here, ‘The grass on the other side will always looks greener’.


By vidyasagar

Engineer, traveller, Cyclist, self-experimenter, Aspiring triathlete

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  1. I just returned from my trip to Raichur. I totally agree with you. Every local there says there is nothing to see in Raichur and it is better to go to Hampi or some other place. But actually there is a lot of history and archaeology scattered in literally every village of that district. It is high time that locals become aware of what is in their neighborhood and appreciate it.

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