While i was in indonesia i found it difficult to locate where indian foods are available. If you know the name of the hotel, you can easily locate with google maps. So here are the seven places where you can have authentic indian food.

  1. Balikpapan

oceans resto

Ocean’s resto – Must visit if you pass through balikpapan. Just a twenty minute journey from the airport.  The hotel is located very close to the sea and the weekends are overcrowded. Dining options are available in open area adjacent to the sea waves and inside closed room also. And for the sea food lovers it is a paradise. North indian cuisine is prepared very well here. The open area is also very romantic place and you can see lot of couples and family people also.

oceans resto-1

Shark delicacies prepared here with spicy and non-spicy options. Both are delicious and a must try for a sea food lover.

2. Bali

Hotel Gateway of india I had indian food at three different restaurants during my stay here. While using maps you have to be very careful. “Hotel Gateway of India”  are two hotels by same and is situated by 2 kilometres apart from each other. I landed in the first hotel and my friend landed in the other hotel. The traffic is very chaotic and if you miss the route, reaching the restaurant will take even more time to locate.

The speciality in “Gate way of india” Hotel is that both North indian and south indian delicacies are available. South indian food are very rare to find in indonesia except jakarta where a sizeable population lives.

Egg dosa is normally made at home and not available at most hotels in india. But here in addition to egg dosa, chicken dosa, mutton dosa and other dosa in non vegetarian variants are available. Price is comparitively lower than other places.

Queens restaurant – Another North indian restaurant  in bali. South indian food are available in the weekends.

3. Bontang

Cafe Arab Pakistan – This was one of the very good eateries where indian food is available in bontang. The owner was from pakistan and settled here along with his wife and children. Overtime we are there he welcomes us with great love and affection. Overnight information should be given for preparing dal as there are very few takers from indonesia.

4. Surabaya

sitara indian cuisine

Sitara cuisine – Thanks again to google maps. Indian foods are available in surabaya. South indian food are available in the weekends. We visited here during our transit time for our flights to bali.

5. Jakarta

Queens tandoor– This is were our driver took us. Really authentic indian food. The uttapam lived upto its taste.

There are many places in jakarta where south indian cuisine is available. People from non-indian origin try these places in the weekends and gave a positive outlook about indian foods prepared here.

6. Yogjakarta

ganesha ek sanskriti

Ganesha ek sanskriti – During my visit to jogja, located this hotel with the help of internet. We had our dinner during everyday of our stay here. The rotis and nan were delicious like our home made ones. A branch of this hotel is also available in the indonesian capital city jakarta.

ganesha ek sanskriti

7. Samarinda

Cafe Arab Pakistan – A branch of the same hotel available in bontang.

I ate at these restaurants over an elapsed time frame from 2014 to 2016. Multiple times at some places. We had traveled 300 kilometres (oneway) in the weekends to have indian food since only myself among my group loved indonesian food also.

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  1. Hi bro.. wow you’ve been to Indonesia, and even went to my childhood town – Bontang. I hope you enjoyed the time you were in my country. Cheers from fellow blogger

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