silapathkaram art gallery

  1. The anklet and the leaves of the epic
  2. Ilango adikal in silambu

  3. Poompuhar maruvur pakkam

  4. Poompuhar pattinapakkam

  5. Poompuhar nalangadi

  6. Kannagi kovalan marriage announced

  7. Blessings for the marriage

  8. Kannagi and kovalan in the open terrace

  9. Madhavi’s maiden dance performance and the magnificiant honour of talaikol

  10. Sorrowful kannagi sad at heart

  11. Kovalan madhavi in the moonlit terrace

  12. Christening of manimegalai

  13. Benovelent kovalan

  14. Kovalan a warrior of compassion

  15. Kovalan madhavi towards seashore

  16. Indra festival in poompuhar

  17. Kovalan plays the harp

  18. Madhavi’s lyric

  19. Separation of kovalan

  20. Kannagi and kovalan

  21. Kausigans encounter with kovalan

  22. Saint kounthi guides them

  23. Kovalan in the company of troubadours

  24. The river vaigai

  25. Madalan reminds kovalan of his past glory

  26. Kovalan kannagi as madavi’s guest

  27. Sumptuous meal served by kannagi

  28. The final farewell

  29. Kovalans encounter with goldsmith

  30. Kovalan slain

  31. Kannagi in pandya court

  32. The tribals before senguttuvan at the bank of periyar

  33. Trumpetting of chera’s war against north

  34. Stone carrier kanaka and vijaya

  35. Madalan’s narration to chera

  36. Senguttuvan on the southern bank of the ganges

  37. Cherans triumpant entry to his capital

  38. Senguttuvan build temple to kannagi


What to see?

Sculptures by students of mamallapuram art school.

How to reach?

Nearest railway station: Karaikal

Arounf 260 kms drive from Chennai will take you thru scenic east coast road and many other places.

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