Last week I have successfuly completed the ‘two states 225 km ride’. After a couple of days rest, we decided to ride up pallavaram hills.

Pallavaram is a very busy town near to Chennai airport. The hills between tirusulem and pallavaram often called interchangeably in either name, is a scenic place within the city. A silent place for athletes and cyclists to train for hill run and hill ride without disturbing each other. The hill is located exactly opposite to Chennai airport. Twenty years back we used to see flight take off from here. Its not possible now because of the airport shed constructed in front.

pallavaram hill top (2)pallavaram hill top (3)

Numerous construction activities  are going in the vicinity of nanmangalam, keelkatalai, pallavaram areas can be seen.pallavaram hill top (4)

Keelkatalai lake when viewed from the top.pallavaram hill top (5)

Photo courtesy – AR SARAVANAN ( WCCG AP CHAPTER)pallavaram hill top views (1)

Sunrise when viewed from the top.pallavaram hill top views (2)pallavaram hill top views (3)pallavaram hill top views (4)pallavaram hill top views (5)pallavaram hill top views (6)pallavaram hill top views (7)pallavaram hill top views (8)

These pictures will express lot more than my words.pallavaram hill top views (9)pallavaram hill top views (10)

Here are some DO’s and DON’TS when you are on the hill:

  1. Crossing the rail track: Please ensure you follow the rules and wait for the gate to open rather to rush under the gate
  2.  While going through the inhabitants, please do not rush
  3. While approaching the climb there are some odd speed breakers which you will encounter while uphill and downhill, be slow and gentle
  4. There are other athletes who train for their sport and general public who comes for the view, make sure we do not disturb them
  5. We as explorers are very curious about some of the – off the track – pathway around the hill, please ensure not to venture into unknown territories for your own safety
  6. While your downhill, make sure to enjoy, be safe at the curves and slow down when there is other group of athletes
  7. If you are uphill and having some snack, eat it and take the trash with you – Never litter



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